"Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings" - Samuel Johnson

Tall women do not have to go to great lengths to stand out; they do so naturally. Standing at 6 feet tall, designer Bianca Stewart identifies with the difficulties that come with ill-fitting clothing--from sleeves to pant legs--limbs and extremities are generally sized to fit women of average height.

The Jesse Queen Collection invites taller women to embrace being above average, literally. Stewart's designs not only aid tall women in exemplifying professional success, but also provide the confidence that comes with youthful, vibrant, and fashionable casual styles. Join Bianca Stewart in galvanizing a movement that encourages tall women to do away with the "tall and awkward" stereotype--one that will instead empower them to dress well BECAUSE of their height, not IN SPITE of it.

Join the movement. Take pride in how you dress, and more importantly, how you feel. Stand Tall. Be Confident. Channel your Inner Queen.